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Golden International - Environmental Responsibility

At Golden International we recognize the impact our activities can have on the environment, and have laid out policies to prevent – or otherwise minimize, mitigate and remediate – those impacts. All policy decisions are made in conjunction with experts, regulators and local communities.

We believe that a balance can be achieved between successful business practices and protection of the environment, and that it is possible to avoid long-term damage to the environment whilst maximizing shareholder value.

Golden International’s environmental policies cover three main areas – water management, waste management, and air quality management.

Water Management

Our water management policies are designed to optimize water use throughout the lifecycle of a mine – from development to closure. Reduced water consumption, increased water recycling efficiency and improvements to loss reduction are all achieved via careful oversight and management of our processes.

Waste Management

Efficient management of waste materials doesn’t just help to minimize long-term environmental impact, it makes good business sense. Cutting corners in the management and disposal of waste materials can prove very costly, both in terms of reputation and the possibility of financial consequences.

Site-specific policies are put in place to ensure the safe disposal of waste materials generated by our activities.

Air Quality Management

Maintaining good air quality in and around our operations is vital to the wellbeing of our employees, local communities and the environment. We have policies in place to ensure minimum reduction in air quality, and monitor emissions in compliance with our legal obligations.