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Golden International - Code of Conduct


Our code of conduct sets out the high standards of professionalism expected of all our employees, officers and directors, and also of any partners, vendors and contractors working in conjunction with Golden International.

Golden International ensures that everyone working with our company complies with the law, as well as our own policies and standards, which in many cases go above and beyond our legal obligations.

There are three main areas covered by our code of conduct: work safety, sustainability and diversity/inclusion.

Work Safety. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, and to an accident and injury free workplace. Full and consistent implementation of Golden International’s safety standards, systems and procedures is required wherever we operate.

Sustainability. We advocate and adhere to the social, environmental, and economic principles of sustainable development, and the ongoing role of sustainability as a critical factor in how we do business. Our commitment to sustainability includes participating carbon offsetting programs and funding significant infrastructure projects for the benefit of the communities we work amongst.

Diversity/Inclusion. We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome employees from a wide range of cultures and races. We aim to employ locally where possible, so our workforce reflects the communities where we operate.